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Synchrologic Data Sync Mobilizes Applications

Corporate workers today need to make decisions quicker and access more information than ever before. Yet most core enterprise applications have not been mobilized to help ensure that staff can be productive on the move. Companies need to provide secure mobile and remote access to their core systems including Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and specialized industry applications. Synchrologic helps companies build competitive advantage by empowering mobile workers with pervasive access to these enterprise applications.

In addition, a new generation of high-power, low cost handhelds allows companies to streamline paper-based data collection processes with automation. Replacing clipboards with pocket-sized devices allows companies to cut costs, decrease data entry errors, increase efficiency, and move information into billing and inventory systems faster than ever before.

Either type of application can be run locally on a mobile device even when a network connection is unavailable. Synchrologic simply moves application data changes back and forth between the device and the central master database during the occasional connections.