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Key Features
Synchrologic File Sync Delivers Personalized Content to Handheld and Laptop Users

Eliminates the costs of physically distributing documents

Large organizations can easily spend hundreds or thousand dollars each year for each mobile worker on printing and shipping information as paper reports or physical media such as CDs. Applying file distribution technology can eliminate these unnecessary expenses.

Synchrologic File Sync provides a simple way to manage electronic document distribution based on a powerful publish & subscribe model. Administrators use a simple GUI wizard to define the file publications. A server-based scanner detects all new and updated files automatically. User management and authentication is easy due to integration with NT domains, LDAP sources and Active Directory.

Cuts communication costs related to Email & intranet

Companies that have embraced soft copy file distribution typically provide new and updated information to mobile workers via Email attachments or postings to intranet sites. Neither method is optimized for the mobile reality, chipping away at the bottom line with communications inefficiencies that drive up costs.

Synchrologic File Sync uses advanced technology to minimize the cost of publishing content. Checkpoint restart, byte-level differencing, and compression all conserve mobile bandwidth. Changed files are processed at the server in advance to decrease session length. Access to locally stored files ensures greater availability and decreases the need to dial in to the intranet or Email server.

Offers improved control and convenience

Making sure that mobile workers are using current documents is challenging but important. Without proper control, remote staff might reference and convey outdated or incorrect information. Mobile workers don't want to travel with hard copy binders, and can't afford the time to manage file updates & versions.

Synchrologic File Sync automatically detects and replaces outdated files on mobile devices, sparing user time while protecting from human error. Files are easily located in consistent locations and can be accessed anytime - even without a network connection. Users are alerted to any new information with hyperlinks for viewing. All activity is tracked in extensive system logs to facilitate support.

Helps users recover from device failure

Mobile devices increasingly seem to suffer failures and get lost or stolen. The remote location of the users makes it harder to help them recover from these incidents. When a mobile user loses files they have been working on and key reference materials, the resulting loss of productivity is staggering.

Synchrologic File Sync can help users to recover quickly from these unpleasant incidents. File backup capabilities ensure that working files and folders are backed up to the server. When disaster strikes, a mobile device can be effortlessly reloaded with all of the user's working files, as well as the standard documents they are subscribed to.

Deploys quickly and easily for fast ROI

Mobile workers are typically more expensive to support than their deskbound counterparts. When looking for ways to cut costs and make remote personnel more effective, it is important to be able to move quickly and cost-effectively - and make a big impact.

Synchrologic File Sync is inexpensive and simple to deploy, yielding a big return on the investment. A simple installation, flexible integration with existing directory services, and powerful GUI configuration wizards allow deployment within a day. Simplified administration makes it easy to eliminate the costly alternatives and start saving money ASAP.

Is an important part of a total mobile infrastructure solution

Companies that pursue a variety of mobile initiatives without proper infrastructure planning wind up saddled with a portfolio of mobile middleware point solutions. This is expensive and unwieldy to maintain, creates unnecessary integration issues, and makes things unnecessarily complicated for users.

File Sync is part of Synchrologic's Mobile Suite - the most comprehensive mobile & wireless infrastructure solution available. No other solution is available with the depth of functionality, administrative power, optimized user experience, and breadth of device support which Mobile Suite offers.

Document viewing capabilities provided by Documents To GoTM, a product of DataViz, Inc.