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Key Features

Synchrologic Systems Management Benefits

Reduces the cost of maintaining mobile devices

For most companies, getting new applications or regular software upgrades onto mobile devices is logistically challenging and overly expensive. Traditional LAN-focused systems management tools fall short due to bandwidth issues, and shipping the devices, software or IT staff back and forth are costly options.

Synchrologic Systems Management minimizes the total cost of ownership of mobile devices by reducing the staff time required to manage them. Administrators have powerful GUI tools for configuring remote application delivery and upgrade. All installations are tracked, and hardware and software inventory data is stored at the server for review, troubleshooting and planning.

Combines maximum flexibility, power, and manageability

Because traditional systems management tools don't work well with mobile communications, many IT organizations have struggled to create their own tools. Others have deployed multiple point solutions for different device types, or worked with legacy tools requiring extensive coding in proprietary languages.

Synchrologic Systems Management makes it easy to meet the most demanding mobile management requirements. A single server and admin console control all activity for PCs and handhelds. Software installs are defined without coding using a GUI wizard offering over 30 standard install actions, each highly configurable. For any unusual tasks, support for VB Script makes the added effort manageable.

Helps to proactively avoid problems through alerts and healing

Mobile device failures can be devastating to the productivity of remote workers. When problems strike, the remote worker has to divert time-on-task towards getting their equipment up and running. They also lose access to the tools and information they need to be effective.

Synchrologic Systems Management keeps users on track with proactive device management capabilities. If a software component has been deleted or corrupted, it will heal automatically the next time the device connects. The server monitors hardware and software asset information, and posts administrative alerts about potentially harmful situations such as dwindling free disk space.

Keeps networking costs down via mobile connectivity optimizations

Mobile network performance and ongoing growth in software application footprints are challenges to effective mobile systems management. Transmitting software installation and update packages via wireless and wire line modems can be cost prohibitive if not managed correctly.

Synchrologic Systems Management is thoroughly optimized for streamlined delivery of software to mobile devices. Checkpoint restart, byte-level file differencing, and compression ensure efficient communications. Once transmitted, software components are applied offline to further trim session lengths. Inventory collections can be flexibly scheduled and configured to save bandwidth as well.

Protects user productivity by facilitating remote support

Helpdesk calls not only drive up the total cost of ownership of handhelds and laptops, but they also frustrate users by hurting their productivity. Helpdesk staff may have difficulty getting users back on track without complete information about the devices they carry.

Synchrologic Systems Management helps users avoid problems, but also makes them quicker and easier to resolve. Helpdesk staff have access to a comprehensive view of the hardware and software inventory of the device, and extensive logs of all mobile communications activity. Device users are more productive, free from the confusion and helpdesk calls implicit in maintaining their own software.

Is an important part of a total mobile infrastructure solution

Companies that pursue a variety of mobile initiatives without proper infrastructure planning wind up saddled with a portfolio of mobile middleware point solutions. This is expensive and unwieldy to maintain, creates unnecessary integration issues, and makes things unnecessarily complicated for users.

Systems Management is part of Synchrologic's Mobile Suite - the most comprehensive mobile & wireless infrastructure solution available. No other solution is available with the depth of functionality, administrative power, optimized user experience, and breadth of device support which iMobile Suite offers.