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Tech Brief: Pocket PC for Corporate Email

Email Accelerator Benefits

Makes mobile workers more productive with Email & PIM access

Enterprise knowledge workers have adopted handheld devices at an unprecedented rate. The first application that users are often interested in is Email & PIM access. Some IT groups have been slow to react to user demand, forcing individuals and departments to pursue their own strategies.

Email Accelerator helps IT take control over Email & PIM sync, allowing for an easily managed and standardized approach. Clustered servers, optimized communications, administrative flexibility, support for multiple profiles, and a range of connection options ensure an enterprise-class solution which meets the needs of varied user communities.

Offers a more secure, manageable approach than desktop sync

Early solutions were geared toward synchronizing a user's handheld with data stores on their desktop PC. The result was a lack of control for IT departments who saw their secure groupware servers effectively compromised. This desktop sync model also prevents handheld sync via wireless or wire line modem.

If allowed by administrators, users can adjust the Email and PIM sync configuration defaults for the profile they are assigned to.

Email Accelerator allows handheld devices to connect directly to the server via wireless or wire line modems. IT staff manage user profiles and authentication, ensuring secure access via encrypted channels. Enforced password entry and the right options for server access contribute to additional security. Detailed logs assist with network planning and technical support for troubled end users.

Makes device updates automatic and proactive

Primitive synchronization solutions drive up device TCO and frustrate users by requiring constant effort to keep the device updated with the latest information. Important updates go unnoticed until the user has time to manually make synchronization happen.

Email Accelerator makes it automatic, freeing up the user to focus on more important things. A variety of capabilities make sure important messages or meeting requests find their way. True server-based push, interval-based automatic synchronization, and proactive alerts combine to ensure users are kept up to date without the effort.

Protects users from unnecessary configuration effort

Mobile device users should not have to get involved with confusing device sync configurations. Involving the end user makes them less productive, and increases the likelihood of problems. The ROI on a mobile project will suffer when frustrated users overwhelm the help desk or abandon the solution.

Email Accelerator was designed to protect users from complexity. System administrators set defaults across a range of configurations, and automatically push these down to the handheld devices. Users benefit from a simple one-button sync with an on-screen status display. Connection modes are automatically managed, and switching from wireless to cradle sync is effortless.

Helps ease the pain of business travel

Mobile executives and knowledge workers suffer significant pain associated with loss of productivity and quality of life. Staying on top of one's responsibilities and keeping track of lots of travel information are stressful on the road.

Email Accelerator automatically gathers information about a user's travel plans without any additional user effort. Travel itinerary information and contact details related to meetings are automatically synchronized between all of a user's devices, and are available via web or WAP browser. Maps, driving directions, and local weather are retrieved and added to the user's devices too. Mobile workers can spend more time getting the job done, and less time managing travel logistics.

Is an important part of a total mobile infrastructure solution

Companies that pursue a variety of mobile initiatives without proper infrastructure planning wind up saddled with a portfolio of mobile middleware point solutions. This is expensive and unwieldy to maintain, creates unnecessary integration issues, and makes things unnecessarily complicated for users.

Email Accelerator is part of Synchrologic Mobile Suite - the most comprehensive mobile & wireless infrastructure solution available. No other solution is available with the depth of functionality, administrative power, optimized user experience, and breadth of device support which Synchrologic Mobile Suite offers.