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Product Overview

Key Features


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Data Sync Features

Synchrologic Data Synchronization helps companies supply mobile applications with data in a very efficient and effective manner. It is a proven, scalable solution for handling extreme transaction levels for many thousands of users and millions of database updates per day.

High Performance Architecture

Synchrologic Data Sync is routinely deployed to save failing projects where other sync tools are not capable of managing the data loads. The high performance architecture ensures ultra-rapid sync sessions even where transfer levels are more modest. The product has configuration options for true "store and forward" synchronization as well as real-time sync. Scaleability is achieved through clustering servers, multi-threaded sync engines, dynamic user routing, and automatic failover handling to ensure an uninterrupted synchronization experience. Efficient communications are ensured by advance change capture on both the client and server, advance compression of transfer files, field-level change capture, and offline application of changes at both the client and server.

Complex Data Management

Synchrologic Data Sync is built to handle the most complex enterprise databases and business logic. Security and access are easily controlled with vertical and horizontal data partitioning, while data-driven sharing rules ease the management burden. Sync file serialization, custom conflict resolution, and transaction boundary protection all help protect the integrity of your data within the mobile environment. Changes in business processes or the organizational hierarchy are easily managed with full and partial data refreshes and automatic data realignments.

Powerful Admin Tools

Synchronization of large amounts of complex data is inherently difficult to manage, but we protect the system administrator from 95% of the effort. Complex business process logic and security rules can be modeled with a simple graphical sharing rules builder and field mapping tools. System configuration can be automatically self-analyzed for potential performance optimizations. To facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance, all system events and transferred are logged at an extremely detailed level, and made available via powerful interactive log viewing tools with rapid drill-down capability. Administrators are proactively informed of errors or exceptions by flexibly configured administrative alerts that can be sent via email or SNMP.

Non Invasive Integration

Our data sync technology was designed from day one to integrate easily into a wide variety of environments. We view data sync as a layer that must slide in easily to the existing stack of application and networking components. Our client software is easily embedded to simplify the user experience. We support a wide variety of databases, so you don't have to compromise your platform choices on the server or client devices. For instance, a single installation of our product can sync an Oracle back end database with SQL CE on a Pocket PC, and also provide the same data to SQL Anywhere on a laptop. If you are looking to mobilize an existing application data source, we don't require schema modifications in the database and don't require modifications in the application to your database calls. User authentication to our sync server can leverage your existing NT domain or LDAP credentials.

Mobile Suite Integration

Synchrologic Data Sync is part of a total mobile infrastructure solution that is also capable of moving Email, PIM app data, files, web pages, and travel data throughout your mobile network. Most importantly, our data sync leverages the single unified client, single unified admin console, single unified communications gateway, and shared administrative services of Synchrologic Mobile Platform. For the user, this translates to a simple one-button sync for managing all their mobile updates. For administrators, it means you don't need to worry about integrating multiple point solutions, attending multiple training classes, or doing duplicate administrative work.