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Synchrologic Mobile Suite helps organizations manage mobile devices and keeps device users updated with all sorts of information - Email, application data, file content, web pages, and PIM data such as Calendar and Contacts. The components of the suite are available separately, in any combination, or as a total mobile infrastructure to power corporate mobility.

Continue with the TourThe four core products of the suite all leverage a common set of technologies called the Mobile Platform. All of these products were built from the ground up to work together by Synchrologic. We are the only vendor to offer a truly integrated solution with full functionality, a single unified admin console, a single unified client interface, and a single unified communications layer. Other vendors have tried to match our visionary approach by piecing together loose product bundles through acquisitions and marketing alliances...and thus they cannot offer the same level of interoperability and ease of management.

The four products of Synchrologic Mobile Suite are supported by the Synchrologic Mobile Platform.