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Product Overview

Key Features

Systems Management Features

Synchrologic Systems Management lowers the total cost of ownership of mobile devices with comprehensive management functionality that is totally optimized for the challenges of mobile and wireless connectivity. Users experience fewer problems so they can focus on their jobs, the helpdesk staff are spared unnecessary calls, and the timeliness and reliability of application upgrades are dramatically improved.

Simple Initial Deployment

Synchrologic makes initial deployment quick and easy. Users and Groups data can be effortlessly synchronized with NT Domains, LDAP sources such as ActivePlanet, and other directory services. The initial client is lightweight and users can self-service install easily from an intranet link. The first sync involves no user setup effort other than entering username and password, and device configuration can be pushed down immediately.

Flexible Asset Collection

Tracking the hardware and software inventory deployed to mobile staff can be exceedingly difficult, especially when newer devices like handhelds may not be centrally purchased and a large inventory of existing devices may be in use without IT staff knowledge. Synchrologic Systems Management automatically collects extremely detailed asset data and consolidates it at the server. Asset collection can be scheduled for intermittent updates to avoid unnecessary delays during occasional connections to the network to sync up. We utilize the manufacturers API on many devices to grab the most detailed information available. For PCs, we use WMI and allow administrators to pick and choose the particular types of information they gather. Administrative alerts based on asset collection will notify of any exceptions to the rules that have been setup, for instance a handheld that is out of memory or a PC hard drive filling up. This allows IT staff to proactively avoid problems instead of reacting after the fact.

Troubleshooting and Recovery

When users do experience trouble, Synchrologic Systems Management provides a wealth of capabilities to help minimize downtime and quickly recover. Device backup and configuration management make it easy to restore damaged or lost equipment. Extensive system and asset data is collected at the server with highly interactive log views and reporting. Administrators can drill down through successive layers of detail to quickly get the information they need to resolve the problem.

Powerful Software Distribution

Synchrologic allows administrators to easily build software installation and upgrade packages using a graphical editor with extensive standard install actions that each include many configuration options. This flexibility means that only rarely with administrators have to refer to custom install scripting, and when they do, Synchrologic uses standard VB script so you don't have to learn proprietary languages.

Key Management Data

Planning for server capacity, application rollouts, device upgrades, and network capacity all require extensive data and good analysis tools. Synchrologic supports all of these activities with a wealth of management insight available through standard reports that are easily customized on the fly to answer specific questions. Aggregate reporting on OS versions and average dialup session length are good examples.

Mobile Suite Integration

Synchrologic Systems Management is part of a total mobile infrastructure solution that is also capable of moving application data, Email and PIM data, files, and websites throughout your mobile network. Most importantly, our systems management leverages the single unified client, single unified admin console, single unified communications gateway, and shared administrative services of Synchrologic Mobile Platform. For the user, this translates to a simple one-button sync for managing all their mobile updates. For administrators, it means you don't need to worry about integrating multiple point solutions, attending multiple training classes, or doing duplicate administrative work.